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This Saturday is our Regionals Auditions in Arizona. Here are some tips I gave my students.

As you finish your preparations remember these things:

Choir –

~ All of your measures must be numbered or you will loose points.

~ You must have the original copy of your song for your judge.

~ Make Eye Contact.

~ You are performing.

Sight Reading
~ As soon as we get there go and sign up for your sight reading. The sooner you get that done the better you will do.

~ Don’t be afraid to sing the Triad out loud after you hear it.

~ Start on solfege if you get off its ok then you can jump to La just don’t stop.

~ Play your etudes as slow as you need.

~ Keep the pattern in your scales and you’ll be fine.

~ Dress to impress. The judge will notice.

~ Relax its hard for everyone.

Feel free to comment ideas for each other. Especially you Regionals Veterans.


What would you advise your students to be prepared for a competitive audition?

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