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Someone recently asked me how do I effectively assess my students’ ability to sight sing?

Well I must confess I don’t do any formal assessments but I definitely try to do in class assessments of my students abilities regularly. We have a sight singing book and some single line exercises from past regional auditions. Everyday we try to do a few examples before we get to the “meat” of the rehearsal.

The problem with the tests in my opinion is it takes too much time. After we have done an example as a class I try to have different students do the examples either by themselves in front of the class or if they are really struggling then with another student. So all the while I am assessing my students but not in any official way.

So I am asking for suggestions on a better way to do this and yet still not spend a ton of time on it either. All ideas are welcome 🙂

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So what does the new ipad mean for music educators. Right now nothing. But the possibilities are pretty cool and it is fun to speculate about. I can see the day where every student is assigned an ipad like device, whether it is an “ipad” who knows but for the sake of argument well say it is. We could basically do away with text books and most of our paper products in general, including sheet music.

This could be good and bad I guess but since were just having fun lets stick to the good.

– Prices of music could come down cutting out material/delivery costs.

– You could have instant delivery of purchased music.

– Publishers could update their material wirelessly, preventing errors.

-You could have music attached to some sort of software that could play aurally the notes for students.

– Kids would have this resource with them at all time

– Could send sight-reading examples directly to each students ipad.

Music theory worksheets with instant feed back and tutorials.

These are just a few of the ideas I had right off. What benefit could you see?

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This Saturday is our Regionals Auditions in Arizona. Here are some tips I gave my students.

As you finish your preparations remember these things:

Choir –

~ All of your measures must be numbered or you will loose points.

~ You must have the original copy of your song for your judge.

~ Make Eye Contact.

~ You are performing.

Sight Reading
~ As soon as we get there go and sign up for your sight reading. The sooner you get that done the better you will do.

~ Don’t be afraid to sing the Triad out loud after you hear it.

~ Start on solfege if you get off its ok then you can jump to La just don’t stop.

~ Play your etudes as slow as you need.

~ Keep the pattern in your scales and you’ll be fine.

~ Dress to impress. The judge will notice.

~ Relax its hard for everyone.

Feel free to comment ideas for each other. Especially you Regionals Veterans.


What would you advise your students to be prepared for a competitive audition?

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